Governor Shreds Obama For Giving His State The Middle Finger

I guess this is the next step in the agenda of Obama's string-pullers for crippling our states and national economy. - Dale

Photo Credit: Facebook/Bill HaslamNot only did the Obama administration send 760 of the unaccompanied minors flooding across the Mexico border to Tennessee, but Gov. Bill Haslam said he had no forewarning that the shipment was headed his way. In fact, he penned a letter to Barack Obama in which he confirmed the only reason he knows that the illegal immigrant dump took place is because of a post on the Department of Health and Human Services’ website.


Calling the lack of notice “unacceptable,” Haslam indicated that his administration has yet to be notified of the delivery from anyone representing the federal government.  “I still have not been contacted and have no information about these individuals or their sponsors other than what was posted on the HHS website,” he wrote.

Democrats Trying to Build Voter Base with Illegal Immigrants

615232_sThe southern border of the United States is being overrun by illegal immigrants. There are so many illegals, it has prompted discussions of building new detention centersnew detention centers (what else could these be used for…?) for the influx of illegals from Mexico and Central America.

It’s not news that the border between Mexico is about as secure as wet paper bag, but why are so many illegals coming at the same time? And why right now?  Well, it might have something to do with the fact that Democrats are looking at ways to build their voter base since they’re losing support throughout the country.

In New York, a new law has been proposeda new law has been proposed by Democrat Senator Guestavo Rivera: New York state Sen. Guestavo Rivera wants to pass legislation to give illegal immigrants the right to vote in local and state elections, Reuters reports.

Democrat state goes ballistic against illegals

The protests against illegal immigration flared up in an unusual place this past weekend when more than 5,000 people rallied in Boston, Massachusetts, an area that has historically voted for Democrats.Organizers hope the surprisingly large turnout will set the stage for a new wave of protests planned for Saturday in Tennessee and two other states.

Krauthammer: Kerry 'Undermined' Israel-Hamas Peace Efforts

Image: Krauthammer: Kerry 'Undermined' Israel-Hamas Peace Efforts

U.S. meddling in Israeli-Hamas negotiations has sewn "wreckage" in attempts to end the murderous conflict, according to Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer, who points the finger of blame directly at Secretary of State John Kerry.  Speaking on "Special Report with Bret Baier" on Fox News, Krauthammer blasted Kerry, saying he crashed the negotiations uninvited and "undermined" Egypt's attempts to settle the war in Gaza.

"The Israelis did not invite him," Krauthammer told Fox. "The Egyptians did not want him and he still says he advanced a peace plan that was sort of building on the Egyptian one. It didn't at all. It undermined it."

The time to rid our nation of the Communist plague is now!

The time to rid our nation of the Communist plague is now!

Never before in the history of our nation have Americans been subjected to such an unrelenting streak of disgraceful and antithetical controversies, political havoc and chaos such as that we have endured under the Barack Obama administration. Never before in the history of the nation, has there been such divisiveness amongst the classes, the races and the peoples in general, such as what we now see under an Obama reign plagued with discord, envy, resentment, and anger like never before seen in this noble land.

The TV Cameras Responsible For Civilian Deaths In Gaza

hamas photo: HAMAS 2007-06-22Hamas.jpgI write this as a member of the press. I’m proud to be a journalist and a documentary filmmaker. I’m a member of the Foreign Press Association in Israel, and the co-recipient of this year’s Edward R. Murrow Award from the American Overseas Press Club. I say this off the top because I’m not an outsider pointing my finger at the media. Every year, journalists sacrifice their lives in war zones so as to keep us informed and protect freedom of the press, a cornerstone of democracy. 

But the fact is that when it comes to Israel, the media has acted irresponsibly. Good journalism has been replaced by politically correct misreporting, and one of the net results is that Palestinian civilians, including children, are paying with their lives. How so?

There is no group that can be more evil, in the narrowest sense of the word, than the rulers of the Gaza strip, Hamas. They are openly anti-democratic, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, anti-gay, anti-women, anti-Israel, anti-American and anti-Western. The list continues. These are the people who distributed candies, danced in the street and openly celebrated after 9/11.

DC Delegate: No Right to Know What Goes on in White House

Don't you think it's about time that we pull the handle and flush Washington down the toilet? - Dale

Residents of the District of Columbia sometimes complain about taxation without representation. But it would be highly injudicious to allow the residents of this benighted sinkhole of liberalism and decay to weigh in on legislation that affects the rest of the country. To counter those who doubt it, I present Eleanor Holmes NortonEleanor Holmes Norton:

Eleanor Holmes Norton, the non-voting congressional delegate for the District of Columbia, angrily sputtered during a congressional hearing Friday that the White House should not be held up to scrutiny, saying that there was no right to know what it was doing behind closed doors.

Is ObamaTrying To Force Israel To Commit Suicide

America needs to look at the result of President Obama’s actions..Barack Obama

When international pressure starts to bear on this administration, their true motivation and agenda becomes all too clear.  This phenomenon was on display late last week as Israel continued to drive into the Gaza Strip militarily in order to rid the territory of the scores of tunnels that Hamas had dug under Israeli schools and daycare centers, with the intention of murdering children.  Thousands of rockets have been launched into Israel with the intention of killing Jewish civilians.  Hamas infiltrators have been captured with tranquilizers and handcuffs confirming their desire to kidnap and kill as many Jews as possible, just as they did with the three teenage Israeli boys that started this whole episode.

Nancy Pelosi Claims Hamas is a Humanitarian Organization

Would you hear an echo if you yelled into this woman's ear? - Dale


(For those of you who only watch mainstream media, this might come as a shock. The U.S. is one of the biggest indirect allies of the terrorist organizations currently creating mass chaos on the middle east. We’ve bankrolled and armed these evil thugs through the CIA and State Department for years and it’s finally starting to backfire (Part of the plan, according to some).

The odd thing is, some members of Congress are not only still trying to hide it, they’re actually working hard to make us all believe this is all flowers and balloons… nothing to worry about. Nancy Pelosi, for example, is actually calling Hamas a humanitarian organization.  I kid you not  I kid you not.   (VIDEO FOLLOWS PAGE BREAK)

Nazi Tactics Being Used Against American Churches

The IRS has teamed up with the anti-Christian organization the Freedom from Religion Foundation to monitor churches to make sure they don’t speak out on the subject of politics in a way that seems to be “partisan.” There is no such constitutional prohibition.  A little of Nazi-era history might help to put things in perspective.

This is the enemy   


When German anti-Nazi theologian and Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) used his pulpit to expose Adolf Hitler’s radical politics, “He knew every word spoken was reported by Nazi spies and secret agents.”[1] Leo Stein describes in his book I Was in Hell with Niemoeller how the Gestapo gathered evidence against Niemoeller:

Now, the charge against Niemoeller was based entirely on his sermons, which the Gestapo agents had taken down stenographically. But in none of his sermons did Pastor Niemoeller exhort his congregation to overthrow the Nazi regime. He merely raised his voice against some of the Nazi policies, particularly the policy directed against the Church. He had even refrained from criticizing the Nazi government itself or any of its personnel. Under the former government his sermons would have been construed only as an exercise of the right of free speech. Now, however, written laws, no matter how explicitly they were worded, were subjected to the interpretation of the judges.[2] 

Bill to Improve VA Has $17B Price Tag

A bipartisan deal to improve veterans' health care would authorize at least $17 billion to fix the health program scandalized by long patient wait times and falsified records covering up delays, the bill's chief supporters said Monday.

The agreement includes $10 billion in emergency spending to make it easier for veterans who can't get prompt appointments with Veterans Affairs doctors to obtain outside care; $5 billion to hire doctors, nurses and other medical staff; and about $1.5 billion to lease 27 new clinics across the country, the chairmen of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs committees said.

The bill also would expand a scholarship program for veterans to include surviving spouses of military members who died in the line of duty, allow all veterans to qualify for in-state college tuition, and grant the VA secretary authority to immediately fire senior executives, while providing employees with streamlined appeal rights.

US Tax Code Causes Businesses to Flee Overseas

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew stops for a question from a reporter during a cybersecurity-related tour of a Verizon network operations center at their facility in Ashburn, Virginia July 15, 2014. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst    Free-market advocates say Treasury Secretary Jack Lew wants to treat the symptoms rather than the cause of U.S. businesses seeking lower taxes overseas.

Lew is the latest Obama official to make the case for restricting the ability of U.S. companies to merge with foreign companies in order to relocate to lower-tax countries. (RELATED: Tax Avoidance is Like Renouncing Citizenship, Obama Says)(RELATED: Tax Avoidance is Like Renouncing Citizenship, Obama Says)  The controversial process is known as corporate inversion.