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Coffee County School Board Votes to Retain Director of Schools for at Least One More Year

The Coffee County School Board met on Monday afternoon to decide the fate of Coffee County Director of Schools, Dr. Charles Lawson. After a motion was made the board had to vote on whether to retain Dr. Lawson or buy out his contract.

After debating and a big disagreement between board member Thomas Ballard and Lawson the school board took a break before voting. After the pause in the meeting a vote took place to relieve the director of his duties without cause and allow him to remain on the job until an interim director was hired. The board voted 5-4 against the motion. The vote allows Lawson to keep his job as director with his current contract ending in June 2025.

Board member Kathy Rose then made a motion to extend Dr. Lawson’s contract for 3 additional years. That proposal was voted down, 5-4.

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