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New Child Related Crime Laws Begin in Tennessee

SB1834 authorizes the death penalty as a punishment for rape of a child, aggravated rape of a child, or especially aggravated rape of a child.

HB0701 adds offenses of continuous sexual abuse of a child to the list of qualifying criminal misconduct that is sentenced to community supervision for life in addition to any other statutorily imposed punishment.

SB1587 specifies that a parent or guardian who knowingly leaves their child under the care or supervision of a person who is required to register as a sexual offender commits a Class A misdemeanor.

HB2590 makes bullying and cyber-bullying offenses subject to the same penalties as harassment; requires an officer to make a report of bullying and notify a parent or guardian when victim is a minor. 

HB1817 increases the penalty from a Class D felony to a Class B felony for a person who negligently, by act or omission, engages in conduct that places a child eight years of age or less in imminent danger of death, bodily injury, or physical or mental impairment.

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