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Road Rage Shooting Suspect Arrested

On Thursday, (June 27) at approximately 3:00 pm, the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division arrested William Brown, age 42 of Manchester, TN in connection with the June 25 road rage incident on Normandy Rd. that resulted in a young lady being shot.

Bedford County authorities would like to thank the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, the Manchester Police Department, and the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance during this investigation. They also thanked local news and the public for coverage and helping get the message out.

The individual pieces of information provided, coupled with solid work by law enforcement to recreate the chain of events that unfolded and ultimately led to the arrest of the suspect.

William Brown was booked in Bedford County Jail where he is being charged with four counts of Aggravated Assault with other charges pending.

The victim, 19 year-old Selena Southerland is recovering.

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