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Shelbyville Police Partners in Operation Southern Slow Down

Shelbyville Police Department is partnering with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office for “Operation Southern Slow Down.” The purpose of this multi. jurisdictional campaign is to increase traffic enforcement from July 15-19 to reduce speeding across the Southeast.

Other participating states include Alabama, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. During this campaign, the Shelbyville Police Department will increase education, awareness and enforcement efforts to help reduce speeding related crashes, injuries, and fatalities across the area. The Shelbyville Police Department has noticed a 10% increase in the number of both personal injury and property damage crashes inside the city during the first six months of 2024 compared to 2023. The Shelbyville Police Department will strive to reverse the trend by enhancing enforcement of speeding and distracted driving.

The state of Tennessee requires motorists to always exercise due care and maintain a safe speed while driving. Speed limits may vary depending on the county and road conditions. Drivers must always pay attention and adhere to posted speed limits to ensure the safety of all roadway users.

The Tennessee Highway Safety Office provides grant funding to support the Shelbyville Police Department's enforcement efforts. During the campaign. For more information about the THSO go to

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