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Tullahoma City Schools Extends Directors’ Contract until 2028

At its May meeting, the Tullahoma City Schools Board of Education unanimously voted to extend the contract of TCS Director of Schools, Dr. Catherine Stephens, until 2028, the maximum number of years allotted per state law.


“I am grateful to the TCS Board of Education for extending my contract until 2028,” Dr. Stephens said. “These last four years have been some of the most rewarding in my educational career, even in the midst of some very unique challenges like COVID. I appreciate serving alongside this school board and appreciate each board member for their tireless dedication to Tullahoma City Schools and ensuring our students and staff have what they need to succeed.”


Dr. Stephens concluded her fourth school year in Tullahoma this past May. During her time as Director of Schools, the TCS Board of Education has been impressed with her leadership and voted unanimously to extend her contract to the maximum of four years allowed by Tennessee law. 


“It is an honor and pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Stephens, and we look forward to the next four years,” said TCS Board Chairman Kim Uselton. “There have been many gains for TCS over the past four years, and Dr. Stephens’ commitment to student success is evident in all aspects of her work. She sees the ‘big picture,’ and her attention to detail is most impressive. With outstanding teachers, an excellent support staff and a strong leadership team, I know great things are ahead for Tullahoma City Schools.”


Other board members shared Uselton’s sentiments. As one of the TCS Building and Grounds Committee team members, Teresa Lawson has worked hands-on with Dr. Stephens on various projects throughout the district.


“I have seen significant improvements throughout our school system during Dr. Stephens’ time in Tullahoma,” Lawson said. “I am excited about the future of TCS under her leadership as we continue to provide first-class educational services to the children of Tullahoma.”


Board member Andy Whitt shared those same sentiments and is excited to see what the rest of Dr. Stephens’ tenure brings.


"I am excited about the future of Tullahoma City Schools, and Dr. Stephens is an integral part of that future,” Whitt said. “She is passionate about TCS, our students and our teachers. Her vision for the school system, along with her knowledge about the business aspects of running a school district, will continue to create learning and growth opportunities for our students."


Board member Pat Welsh added his excitement about extending Dr. Stephens’ contract as he has been impressed with her leadership. He also stated that developing and implementing the district’s strategic plan is one of the best things Dr. Stephens has done for TCS.


“Dr. Stephens has brought a high energy and relationship leadership style to her office.  However, her best accomplishment comes from soliciting input from her staff and from the community to develop a strategic plan,” Welsh said. “We are well into ‘working the plan,’ and we will complete the plan with this extension.”


Board member Gigi Robison added her excitement over Dr. Stephens’ contract being extended. Robison believes Dr. Stephens’ background and experience have allowed her to thrive at TCS.


“Dr. Stephens has a vast and always-increasing knowledge of all aspects of public education in Tennessee,” Robison said. “She is respected and looked to for advice by her colleagues in the state and beyond. Dr. Stephens loves public education and TCS students and staff members. She strives selflessly always to grow and do whatever it takes to see TCS meet the demands of the 21st Century and for their success in the years to come. I have complete trust in Dr. Stephens, professionally and personally, to take TCS where we need to go, and I’d like to thank her for loving Tullahoma and investing your life here.”

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