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Two Arrested After Police Pursuit

On Wednesday afternoon Coffee County investigators with the Special Investigation Unit stopped a vehicle driven by Jeesica Barrett of McMinnville near Exit 114 in Manchester. Her license was shown to be revoked. Investigators told On Target News that drugs could be seen in plain view inside the vehicle. Barrett drove off from the scene and a pursuit began.

The pursuit traveled from Hwy 41 to Doak Rd to Hills Chapel onto Hwy 55 into Tullahoma and finally stopped on a dead-end street. Barrett and passenger Jerimiah Gipson of Winchester ran from the scene on foot. A short time later they were captured.

During the investigation it was discovered that a container was thrown from the vehicle on Doak Road. With the help of Manchester Police, the container was located. Investigators say that approximately 600 fentanyl pills were found inside the box along with 2 oz of meth and $1,653.

Gipson manufacturing/sale/delivery/selling/possession fentanyl and meth plus tampering with evidence and evading arrest.

Barrett faces charges of evading arrest, driving on a revoked license and theft of property.

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