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Fentanyl Drug Bust in Decherd

On Thursday, June 20, Decherd K-9 Officer Patrick Chambers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle as part of an ongoing investigation by the Decherd Police Department into fentanyl trafficking. Officer Chambers observed drug paraphernalia in plain sight upon speaking with the occupants of the vehicle. Officer Chambers had the occupants exit the vehicle and discovered more drug paraphernalia in the pants pocket of the driver, Chadwick Campbell DOB 11/01/1967.

Sgt. Womack, Officer Escalante, Officer Simmons, Sgt. Investigator King, Chief Griffin, and Assistant Chief Bennett arrived on scene to assist with the vehicle stop.

A search of the vehicle yielded a bag containing 166 pills believed to be pressed fentanyl known on the street as “dirty 30s”. Additional pills and a container with approximately ½ gram of methamphetamine was located on Campbell’s person.

Two Percocet pills were discovered in the belongings of the passenger, Tiajuana Brown DOB 05/04/1979.

As a result of the traffic stop, a search was performed at the residence of the passenger which yielded additional pills appearing to be “dirty 30s” along with clonazepam.

Campbell and Brown were transported to the Franklin County Jail for charges stemming from the stop.

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