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RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival is Saturday in Bell Buckle

The RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival is this Saturday in Bell Buckle from 7 AM-5 PM. The day begins with 10 mile and 5K races.

This wacky, fun for the whole family event celebrates the South’s original fast food – an ice-cold RC Cola and a fresh MoonPie. 

Smiling visitors from all over the world (we can prove it cause there’s a “who travelled the furtherest contest!) stream into the downtown area where they find plenty of music, cloggers, weird but fun contests, MoonPie games, and a colorful parade just to name a few of the many things that occur throughout the day. The RC and MoonPie King and Queen will be crowned during the day.  The unveiling of the World’s Largest Moon Pie will take place at 4 PM.

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